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This website is being developed as an easy way for club members to book on to competitions, grassroots and events, and to share information about the Squad and our athletes.  Any suggestions for content are welcomed!

Booking on more than one child?


At present each child/competitor needs to be registered and paid for separately.


There will also be a small online payments fee for each entry. We have tried to keep this to a minimum and will review after a couple of comps.

Kata entries are only suitable for children who are Orange belt or higher. 


Check any age restrictions for each competition when you book.

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Competition FAQs

What time do I need to turn up at the competition?

You need to turn up when the competition starts. Generally kata categories are in the morning followed by kickmaster, then kumite. But this is not always the case and running order can be changed and categories can run either late or early. At the Kyu Grades this year some mats (tatamis) were running two hours ahead of schedule. Where possible we will confirm to parents what the schedule of the compeition will be via e-mail and/or Facebook closer to the compeition. Karate compeitions can be long days. Go prepared.

What equipment will my child need for a competition?

Diffrent categories and competitions have different requirements. We will usually let you know what these are when we send you out a reminder e-mail before the competition. For kumite your child will generally need 2 sets of mitts, foot/shin pads and belts. One set Red and one Blue. At some national level competitions, like Kyu grades, these will need to be WKF Approved (Smal logo saying "WKF Approved"). Many competitions now state 14 years and older must wear chest protection. For kata just a Red and Blue belt are required. For Kickmaster children generally only need Red and Blue Mitts and belts. If you need equipment contact me before the competition. We usually have various spare sets floating around. Please dont leave it until the day of the competition though.

Kata, Kumite or Kickmaster? What categories can I enter my child in?

The main categories are Kumite (fighting), Kata (demonstration of form), and Kickmaster (literally kicking and striking a floor standing punch bag). Kumite is open to all students. Kata is only suitable for orange belts or higher. But check entry details for any age limits. Kickmaster usually has an age limit eg up to 10 year olds. The type of categories will vary between competitions depending on age,weight, belt and height. If you are unsure what categories you can enter your child in contact me, or ask me or another coach at the next lesson.

How do I enter my child for Pairs/Team Kata?

If your child wants to compete in Pairs or Team Kata it is your childs responsibility to find a partner or a team for them to enter with. When you book a place for Pairs/Team Kata please be sure to name their team members in the booking form in the space provided.

What can I expect if this is my childs first competition?

The best first competitions to take part in are Mitsuru Grassroots. These are Club only events for green belts and below, aged 11 or under. They are small, friendly and informal competiions where children get their first taste of what it feels like to compete. And parents get their first taste of what its like to see their children on the mat (or Tatami). Grassroots are also a way to understand the format of the different categories - Kumite, Kata and Kickmaster - and how they work will be explained to parents during the event. It takes a lot of courage for kids to compete. Kumite (fighting) in particular can be a very emotional experience for both child and parent - something you will both quickly get used to. You will also find that the children give each other a lot of support. Our older more competetion experienced children are usually on hand to help out.

What competitions are suitable for my child?

Unless stated otherwise a competition is open for anyone in the club to enter. These will be grassroots Competitions, the Club/Association Championships and entry level competitions. Some competitions will only be suitable for Squad or Developing Squad members - and it will say this clearly on the page. It is important children have a careful introduction to competitions. If you are unsure whether a compettion is suitable for you or your child please contact me.

How do I enter more than one child?

Please regsiter and pay for each of your children seperately. Currently our booking form can only take one child/competitors details at a time. We are working on this.

How do I cancel or amend an entry?

If you have entered an incorrect category or need to cancel your entry before the deadline please contact me to arrange a refund. No problem. It is not possible to cancel entries after the stated deadline.

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